You can enjoy the warmth of wood in your home or office and still be environmentally conscious. Wood, unlike virtually any other building material, is a renewable resource. We at Architectural Millwork have a vested interest in promoting environmentally responsible use of our wood resources.

Architectural Millwork has long promoted green building. Long before it was common place we eliminated chemicals and solvents from our work place. We have been successfully recycling our wood waste for nearly 20 years. In 1998 we were awarded the Santa Barbara Green Award for voluntary efforts by companies in Santa Barbara that result in cleaner air, water and less waste.

To further promote environmental awareness Architectural Millwork offers the following:
• Cabinets produced from materials with very little or no added formaldehyde.
• Recycled Materials, the waste materials (sawdust) created by Architectural Millwork's manufacturing process are collected for recycling and offered to companies for animal bedding.

We also recycle our office papers and packaging materials weekly which helps them from entering local landfills and serves as a renewable resource.
• Reduced carbon footprint through local manufacturing
• Rapidly renewable resources, i.e. bamboo veneers
• Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified wood.

At Architectural Millwork, we’re more than building beautiful wood products; we also promote the use of energy-efficiency products by providing you the superior design, construction and glazing options. With the right glass, you can conserve energy in your home or office. For example, using an insulated glass helps prevent the transfer of heat. Glass with a low-emissivity (Low-E) coating that reflects most of the sun's heating ray to keep homes and offices warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. See our glass performance for more information about conserving energy.



Earth Day Festival

The house was given to Lisa Camarillo and her daughter Bryana, one of the many underinsured families that lost their home in the Tea Fire here in Santa Barbara. This family has owned property on Coyote Road for over 100 years and has been an active member of that community.

Architectural Milwork is one of the many sponsors of this project by providing green cabinets. This home showcases fire resistant, energy efficient, healthy, and resource efficient building practices. Click on image for the full size image.